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Walk-In Bathtubs

Nebraska ReBath Walk-In Bathtub

Independence. Safety. Comfort. Convenience.
Prepare your home and yourself for independent living with a walk-in bathtub.

Make Bathing Accessible and Easy
There is no straining or struggling to get in or out of the tub when you own a walk-in bathtub. make warm baths or soothing showers accessible to people who thought they’d never enjoy the luxury on their own again.

Make Bathing Comfortable and Convenient
A built-in chair-height seat allows you to conveniently experience a comfortable, full soak without the struggles of getting up and down. Electronic Finger Tip Touch Controls make adjusting temperature, water flow and jet options as easy as touching a button.

Nebraska ReBath Walk-In Bathtub

Nebraska ReBath Walk-In Bathtub

Soak Away Aches & Pains
A deep warm soak or hydro-therapy massage is great for:
• Arthritis pain
• Rheumatism
• Back pain
• Other common ailments

Features & Benefits
• Guaranteed water-tight walk-in door system
• 17” chair-height, built-in seat
• Built-in safety bar
• Slip resistant tub floor
• Optional therapeutic whirlpool and air massage
• Premium faucet with hand-held shower
• Large ergonomic door handle
• Floor drain
• Fits into ALL standard tub spaces

Whirlpool & Tub Options
• New Minute Drain
• Soaking Tub
• Hydro Massage Jet System™
• Hydro Massage Air Bubble System™
• Dual Massage System™
• In-Line Water Heater

Where Safety Meets Comfort
All of our 26", 29", 30", and 31" width walk in tubs are designed to fit into your existing tub space. Our custom trim package is provided to meet your existing wall length. The 3260 model is ideal for use in new construction and major bathroom remodeling projects. The 3238 model is ideal for smaller areas or replacement of showers (comes with front loading door). All of our tubs come with large, easy-to-use faucet handles, a bath grab bar, a large comfortable ADA compliant seat, and big controls for the optional hydro massage therapy systems.

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Nebraska ReBath Walk-In Bathtub

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